Zelipa - Lost 8 kg on 6 Week "Let's Get Started" Plan

“The hubris of youth that quickly changed as I grew older and my metabolism started taking a knock. That, coupled with being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition brought my priorities sharply back into focus.

I decided to do a one month trial with  Muduna. I quickly discovered where the others went wrong- while they treated me with a “one size fits all” approach, she personalized my journey. A process that started in June with my weight at 69kg. Two months later, I’d lost 8kg but that’s was not the end of my journey, I continued to check in with her and today, four months later- I have maintained my weight loss. This girl knows what she’s doing and signing up with her is an investment in yourself!”

Kasamba - 6 Weeks Progress

“I started working with MKK on a low on my side; both mentally and physically. I soon realized that the workout and meal guides were not body bashing at all. I had a positive approach to things and people around me, including food. I appreciated that good nutrition plus exercises works well together.

MKK coach herself is a force to be reckoned with. Very focused and on the ball. The aspect of accountability brings it all together for me. My body is feeling the best it has ever felt 3 babies down the line. Am lighter, happier and running with the kids no worries. I encourage everyone struggling with mind body and soul to sign up!!”

Zuki - Lost 13 kg (28lb) in 10 Weeks

“What you’re doing is a calling believe me, God is using you to help us.

Taking this up helped me to focus on myself, do something for me and it brought back my self esteem and the looks are a bonus. Thank you.”

Lebo - 6 Weeks Progress

“Muduna tailored the program for me based on where I was at the time but still enough to challenge me and to push me in the right direction. It was so flexible that I could decide how to fit it into my day. The support around the meal plans was also amazing. At some point I actually looked forward to the weekly workout program. I was addicted to the results and wow my back melted off. If I didn’t want to break the internet I’d share my bikini pics L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y!!

My fitness levels have significantly improved and there’s a notable change everywhere. I am definitely going back post the December break – the dream of a six pack for a working mom of 2 is now a possibility with MKK.”

My mission is to make you the best YOU can be, and I believe that all my partners should be proud of their personal attainments. I will hold your hand through the journey and will hold you accountable to what we put together to suit your objectives.

You will get the necessary guidance on the types and levels of intensity for each exercise you incorporate in your routine. An assessment of your body type will be done so that the customized plan works best for you.